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Wound Care

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Professional wound care is the most effective way to prevent infection, reduce pain, and promote optimal healing. Board-certified family medicine physician Devon Daney, MD, and the professional team at Aztec Urgent Care offer comprehensive wound care. Call the office in Aztec, New Mexico, book an appointment online, or walk in to receive wound care advice and treatments.

Wound Care Q&A

What is wound care? 

Wound care is a special type of care that addresses acute or chronic wounds, particularly injuries that take a slower time to heal. 


Many wounds occur as a result of a sudden injury, but you may need ongoing wound care if you have a condition like diabetes or have had surgery.

What types of wounds require wound care? 


There are many types of different wounds that may require wound care, including: 



A laceration is a tear in the skin, which may lead to a deep cut. It’s typically caused by sharp objects like glass or kitchen knives. 



A puncture wound is a deep hole that can be difficult to disinfect and clean. While it doesn’t bleed as much as a laceration, it may cause internal damage if it penetrates deep enough. 



An abrasion is a painful scrape that is often caused by rubbing skin against hard surfaces, such as rough rugs or carpets. 



An incision is a surgical procedure that involves scalpels or blades. The wounds that develop can be deep, affecting tissues, muscles, and fat. 

Why does it take so long for wounds to heal?


If you have a wound that takes longer than four weeks to heal, it may be due to an underlying condition. A non-healing wound might occur because of: 


  • Poor nutrition 
  • A chronic condition like liver disease or diabetes 
  • Obesity 
  • Smoking 
  • Radiation or chemotherapy 


A wound also can’t heal if it’s infected with debris or bacteria. If you have an infection, the bacteria continues to spread, preventing your wound from properly healing. 

How can wound care help?


Professional wound care allows your provider to evaluate the severity of your condition to determine the best way to treat your wound. They take into account the individual factors that might contribute to slow-healing wounds. 


They may recommend treatments such as: 


  • Antibiotics 
  • Compression bandages or stockings 
  • Skin or tissue grafting 
  • Wound debridement 


To learn more about wound care and how it can help your wounds heal, call Aztec Urgent Care, book an appointment online, or walk in the clinic when you’re ready to get started.