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Work Injuries

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Work injuries are common in the workplace — you might experience an injury on the job while operating a company vehicle or equipment. When you’re injured from working, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately to document your condition and prevent further health complications. Board-certified family medicine physician Devon Daney, MD, and the professional team at Aztec Urgent Care offer expert diagnosis and treatment of work injuries. Call the office in Aztec, New Mexico, book an appointment online, or walk in for help with work injuries.

Work Injuries Q&A

What are the most common work injuries?


Some of the most common work injuries include:


  • Slips and trips
  • Injuries from a falling object
  • Car accidents while driving for work purposes
  • Accidents related to machinery
  • Burns
  • Lacerations


If you have pain or other symptoms from a work injury, you should seek professional evaluation and treatment right away. The faster you seek help, the better your healing process will be. 

When should work injuries be reported?


Work injuries should be reported as quickly as possible once they occur. This means that employees who are injured should immediately notify their supervisor. The supervisor can inform their employee about any guidelines they need to follow for workers’ compensation.


When you receive treatment for any work injury, your provider can also document the injury and fill out any necessary paperwork to ensure you receive the compensation that you need to cover medical expenses. 

What should I bring for a work injury evaluation? 

If you’re visiting for a work injury evaluation, make sure to bring along an authorization of treatment form from your employer. You should also bring current photo identification (ID), such as a driver’s license. During your physical exam, your provider will ask you details about your injury, like when and how it happened. 

The team at Aztec Urgent Care is dedicated to making the treatment process as simple as possible. This should be a time of recovery rather than placing more burdens, so the team helps patients recover in the best way possible, physically and financially. 

How are work injuries treated?


Your treatment depends on the type of work injury you sustain, medical history, and the severity of your symptoms.  


The team at Aztec Urgent Care may provide advice on how to care for your injury at home. Or, if you have a minor wound, they can treat it right away. They may also recommend additional treatments, referring you to a specialist for physical therapy or other types of pain management. 


As a part of your treatment, the team may require follow-up visits to ensure you’re on the right track to full recovery. 


To learn more about work injuries and how they’re treated, call Aztec Urgent Care, book an appointment online, or walk in the clinic when you’re ready.